Indicate new object but already exists

seericssopseericssop Posts: 3
We have SSMS2008 and Source Control 3.8 and TFS 2013.
SQL Source Control indicate that we have a new function but when we try to commit it it says that it already exists.
When I look in TFS I can see that that is true. it exists.
Why does Source Control do not detect that?


  • Sergio RSergio R Posts: 610 Rose Gold 5

    I am sorry that we are experiencing this issue.
    Can you please try to unlink the database from TFS and re link it again?
    If the problem persists after re linking and you get an option to report an error, please do so and indicate your email address on the auto-report.

    Thank you,

    Sergio Rocha
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  • Hello,
    I think I have found something.
    After the problem I unlinked the database from TFS and then linked it up again. Nothing became better.
    But now when I do it again I saw that when I link it there is a default setting that allow you to set dots on the objects in SSMS for changes.
    That checkbox was not checked but still it shows dots for some changes but not for all.
    When I checked it every works again.
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