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Featuer request - Auto clear alerts

dsimpsondsimpson Posts: 12
edited October 9, 2008 6:22AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
Any thought to configuring the alerts so they are automatically cleared? After fixing the problem I don't want to also have to go in and clear alerts.

For example if SQL Agent is down and the alert fires off, if I turn on the SQL Agent the alert should go away without having to clear the alert. If this is done, then for many of the alerts I should then be able to identify a time period between alerts for email notification. For example if alert on CPU utilization is defined, only send alert email once every hour... similar to how SQL Agent alerts are configured.

To also help make this work it would be great if the tool would display the current status of the server not just an alert fired off some time in the last hour or so. The current method of SQL Response has the risk of an alert being hidden. If SQL Agent stopped running and I fix it but forget to clear the alert... anytime in the future that the agent stops running, I will not be notified. Even worse, if someone clears the alert but doesn't fix the issue I will no longer know the agent is down.

By showing the current status, the issue will not be missed regardless of remembering to clear alerts or changing the time period to view alerts.

On this subject.... since you are collecting all the data, how difficult would it be to graphically display some current performance measures in a dashboard view?

Just some thoughts :)



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