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I've downloaded an eval copy of SQL Multi Script and want to try the product against a SQL Server database on a remote server. When I connect via TCP/IP using the server's IP address, I'm told a connection can't be established. Does a firewall port need to be open on the hosting company firewall or is there anything else I need to take into account trying to use a remote database?

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    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for your post.

    The SQL Server Instance needs to be set to accept remote connections and on Multiscript you need to set the configuration settings that will allow you to connect to that specific Database.

    To do this just right click on the Database on Multiscript and select connection properties.

    Regarding the port that needs to be open, that will vary with the protocol set in the SQL server for remote connections.
    For example, if it accepts TCP/IP remote connections and it is set to use the default port, then you would need to be able to access port TCP 1433.

    This might not be desirable for security reasons, so you might want to consider asking the company to provide you with some form of VPN access to their network.

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