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NDF files not restoring to their original name

WindyCityGirlWindyCityGirl Posts: 20
edited January 29, 2016 1:35PM in SQL Backup Previous Versions

The scenario is as follows:

I want to restore a database from the production server to the staging server
The database exists on the staging server
The drive letters and file structures ob both servers are identical
The backup was taken and then copied to the staging server
The database to be restored is using partitioned tables - each table has 12 partitions each on its only file (ndf)
The folder structure is a follows:
Database Name
> Table Name1
> Table Name 2
We have done this to allow for piecemeal restores
Each ndf has a meaningful name (something we all know and understand)

I build the restore and indicate that we are to replace an existing database

Why does the GUI/Restore Tool not follow the naming convention and folder structure it had when it did the back up and matches the structure of the existing database we are replacing as a default? It wants to put everything on the C drive and everything has a non meaningful name. I had to change all of these and there we a lot of them!! Did I miss something?

Thank You


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    Thank you for your inquiry.

    We've opened up a support ticket for you, so that we can discuss your particular environment in further detail. You should see an email from us shortly.

    Please let us know if you have further questions or concerns in the meantime.

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    rayherringrayherring Posts: 30 Bronze 4
    This same issue is what prompted me to start depending on scripts and the extended stored procedure to refresh QA, Dev, and Staging environments.

    It is a real pain when the GUI changes even the physical file names.
    Ray Herring
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