Connection Fails after T-Log Files moved.

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During a recent maintenance period the transaction logs for one of our servers were relocated to a different drive (from V: to L:).

Now the Monitor gives us an error "Cannot connect", "IOException", "The network name cannot be found." and refers to the old location for the files.

Monitoring was suspended while the changes were made.

Is there a way I can update the location without dropping and recreating the server? I don't want to loose the data we have from the past monitoring.
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    i have same problem was was the solution
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    Hello all,

    What version of SQL Monitor are you both using? It sounds like this may be related to SQL Monitor attempting to find the ERRORLOG (or possibly the trace folder) - both of these used a registry key to get the file location information and perform a file access prior to SQL Monitor 7.0.10. From this version forward we've started using xp_readerrorlog for the ERRORLOG information which is done via T-SQL (which knows where this information is) and is more reliable but the trace location still seems to be determined by this key.

    If you are not on 7.0.10 or later (the latest as of writing is 7.0.12) please update to these versions and see if the issue persists.

    If it does continue it's likely down to the trace location (if you can provide the file path it's looking for that would help distinguish this I believe) and we can go through what registry setting it's looking at.

    Alternatively you can search your registry for the file path that is no longer correct (the one in the error) and it's usually the only entry found with that path that you need to change to the new path location).

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