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Source Control for Oracle

richardjmrichardjm Posts: 598
edited June 29, 2015 6:12AM in Source Control for Oracle
Source Control for Oracle - 3.0.1

Cleanup of interactive help and general layout improvements
Split panels in UI now have minimum sizes
Updated icons and splash screen
OSC-269: "'validationTooltip' name cannot be found..." issue believed fixed
OSC-520: "Get latest" tab no longer incorrectly reports "You are up to date" when accepting changes from source control
OSC-533: No longer throws an exception when a name conflict exists with a subobject when populating the "Lock objects" tab
OSC-552: Connecting to a local Git repository using a uri (eg file:///c:/path/to/git) confirms that the repo exists and is bare

Schema Compare Engine
Added new "Suppress alter compile" option to turn off all calculations and scripting associated with performing an ALTER COMPILE on objects which are dependent on those which are deployed

Table: IDENTITY columns
View: BEQUEATH keyword

Automatic column rename detection is now enabled for materialized views
Oracle connections are now closed when reading schema and database information
OSC-515: Spatial indexes and object property indexes are now scripted correctly
OSC-539: Synonyms and sequences are now scripted with trailing ; in .sql files
OSC-544: Materialized views no longer compare old refresh information if NEVER REFRESH is selected
OC-752: External tables are now stored correctly in snapshot files
OC-756: ENABLE ROW MOVEMENT is no longer registered as a difference when "Ignore storage" option is turned off
OC-765: The DISABLE keyword in foreign key is now in the correct location (after DEFERRABLE)
OC-768: Column rename detection is now disabled for external tables
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