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SQL Prompt 3.9 selection bug with SSMS

PowlinPowlin Posts: 42 Bronze 3
edited October 8, 2008 4:38PM in SQL Prompt Previous Versions
There's a new bug in SQL Prompt 3.9 with SQL Server Management Studio (SQL2005).

The selection word delimiter is wrong for SQL script when double-clicking a word and selecting it
Example :

I type this code : DECLARE @Test as varchar(50)
If i double click in the word Test, it should select @Test, but after installing SQL Prompt 3.9 it only select Test and leave the @ unselect, that pretty annoying when dealing with local variable.

This bug isn't present in SQL Prompt 3.8 and not under SQL Query Analyser (SQL2000), maybe it have something to do with the Text Editor settings.


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