How to Restart Database in SQL Monitor

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Is there a way to restart the databases used by SQL Monitor that does not involve the purge function? I want to start over and don't need to retain anything in the RedGateMonitor database. I can't use the products purge functionality because the database is too large for the purge to work so I need a way to effectively start over but I don't need to create a new DB on a new instance to do this.

It would be great if any custom alerts could be retained but the restart of the DB is the priority so if there is a way to do that and it means losing custom alerts I can live with that.


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    Hi Ed,

    I will send you a script that should perform the purge you require and it looks like it will keep the alert settings too (looks to only delete collected data). You will just need to change the date listed to be the earliest date you want to keep data (which would be today's in theory since you don't want any historical data). Please note - as you have said you have a lot of data this will impact performance, but if you are just starting over you may just want to stop the services do the force purge and then start it up again.

    Let me know if this is what you are looking for.

    Kind regards,
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