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When trying to connect to an instance of SQL Server 2008R2 SQL Monitor's log shows the below error. I've found an MS article about how you can rebuild the missing performance metrics (listed in the error msg) but I'm curious if anyone knows if this is something that can happen because for some reason those performance metrics were never installed/added (which I assume is automatically added either when you install SQL Server or they are part of Windows and there from the start ) or is this indicative that something has gone wrong and the missing metrics are just a result of something else more serious? I've never run into this before and since I've never tried to run SQL Monitor against this instance of SQL Server until now I don't know if the missing performance metrics is a recent thing or if its been like that for a long time.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Perfmon data is missing objects: SQLServer:Access Methods, SQLServer:Buffer Manager, SQLServer:Databases, SQLServer:General Statistics, SQLServer:Latches, SQLServer:Locks, SQLServer:Memory Manager, SQLServer:SQL Statistics. Possible causes include performance counter library corruption, or a 32-bit/64-bit mismatch between Windows and the performance counter provider (e.g. SQL Server).


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