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Hi everyone

I would like to make a VB.Net application, using SDK with which i would compare and synchronize data from different SQL servers on different locations.
Synchronization would work over internet.
I'm interested in what kind of link between SQL servers you would recommend for security and stability (remote servers, linked servers, ... over VPN or not)?



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    Thanks for your post Uros!

    I would recommend you to go through this article and if you are able to connect to your SQL Server via SSMS the you should be fine with regards to SQL Compare/Data Compare/SDK.

    As per the article above this line felt like a key: "Although an Internet connection is less secure than a Microsoft ISA Server connection, using a firewall or an encrypted connection, as described below, helps keep sensitive data secure."

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for your reply, I think this article will help for now. :D

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