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Configuration is not saved.

FKhFKh Posts: 2
edited June 17, 2015 6:10AM in SQL Backup Previous Versions
i am trying to evaluate the Redgate SQL Backup as we used v 6. some time ago and after upgrade to SQL Server 2014 @ Server 2012 R2, the SQL Backup V6 wont work.

So I installed new one, as i was used to, looked ok, all logins accepted, but the Software behaves somehow wrong.

1) The configuration changes in Server Options are not saved at all. There is no error dialog, but when the dialog is opened again, it shows values were not saved
2) All jobs i create fail, appears to be login issue, because even Compression Analyzer reports login failure with some weird login name consisting of Domain and Servername (even though i entered SQL Auth)
3) Logs contain only
2015-06-17 12:08:58.80 Logon Fehler: 18456, Schweregrad: 14, Status: 5.
2015-06-17 12:08:58.80 Logon Login failed for user 'AOV-SQL01$' *. Ursache: Es konnte keine Anmeldung gefunden werden, die mit dem angegebenen Namen übereinstimmt. [CLIENT: 192.168.*.*]
*) login name is wrong, it is domain and server name...

Performed self diagnostic:
I searched the FAQs, only thing i found relevant was this topic, which i tried to do, but no help
http://documentation.red-gate.com/displ ... d+for+user

Any idea? Thanks,
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