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We've been using SmartAssembly for several years now with much success but recently our project has got to the size where SmartAssembley is starting to fail with out of memory exceptions. Are there any plans for a 64-bit version so we can continue using it to obfuscate our assemblies without this issue?

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    Hi Craig,

    We have a release of SmartAssembly with a 64-bit command line (UI is still not 32-bit), which you can download here.

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  • Thanks Alex. I'll give it a go.
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    Unfortunately using the 64 bit version does not work, even on a very primitive test project.

    System.TypeInitializationException : Der Typeninitialisierer für "." hat eine Ausnahme verursacht.

    (english translation: "type initializer for "." has created an Exception")

    When attaching windbg, the reason seems to be this exception:

    System.NotSupportedException occurred
    Message: Exception thrown: 'System.NotSupportedException' in SmartAssembly.exe
    Additional information: Using Jet databases is not possible in 64 bits applications. Please compile your assembly targeting x86 platform.

    I don't use the database at all, so I would not mind if it would only work without on 64 bit, but on the other side there is a now 64 Bit jet engine available since ms office is available in 64 bit too: ... x?id=13255
  • Apparently the 64 bit version will only work from the command line and if you are storing your reports on an SQL server. I've had no issues with it with this set up.
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    Thanks, for your help. This sounds very plausible.

    Unfortunately this option is not availabe in the "standard edition" of SmartAssemby.

    And I don't even care about the reports at all :-(

    [edit] we decided to ignore the problem for now and buy a pro edition when we run into the out of memory issue again

    Thank you again for your valuable suggestion.
  • wechwech Posts: 4 Bronze 1
    Finally a 64 Bit version has been released :-)

    Works great! Thanks a lot to the SA6 team!
  • Does this new x64 version ( support .Net 4.6 officially ?
  • Hi AmerSoft, yes we are supporting .Net 4.6.
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  • We are also getting out of memory exceptions on occasion. We are trying to find the 64bit version of SmartAssembly to download but the link at the top of this thread doesn't work. I also see a post in this thread referring to SA 6.10, but we can't find this either, only 6.9 and earlier.
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    Hi all!

    The 64-bit version of SmartAssembly can be found here: ... .0.218.exe

    With this version, both the UI and command line are built as AnyCPU so they will both run as 64-bit on a 64-bit machine.

    Just a note though: in order for version 6.10 to run as 64-bit, SmartAssembly needs to have the 64-bit Microsoft Access drivers available on the machine. If you are getting a TypeInitalizationException or an error about a missing 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' provider when running version 6.10, you may be falling under one of these cases:

    - If broken or corrupted 64-bit Access drivers are already installed or the drivers are not installed at all, you can resolve this by just (re)installing the drivers from here: ... x?id=13255
    - If installing the drivers fails because you currently have the 32-bit Microsoft Office installed, then you can try installing the 32bit Office Data Connectivity Component to resolve this, available here: ... x?id=23734 (there is also another workaround that is a bit hacky: ... ice-64-bit )

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  • That link doesn't work for me (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED).

    Also, if 6.10 exists why is it not readily available in the SA download list? 6.9 is the most recent version I can find by browsing your site.
  • Jessica RJessica R Posts: 1,319 Rose Gold 4
    Hi Paul!

    It sounds like FTP links may be blocked for you--can you kindly try using this http dropbox link?

    Version 6.9 and and 6.10 are the same except that version 6.10 is built as AnyCPU. Because of those potential issues I mentioned with the Access drivers that could prevent you from opening SmartAssembly with version 6.10, it was decided to make version 6.9 the latest on check for updates. Then we can send out version 6.10 as needed and make sure to warn about those issues when we do. Hope that helps explain some things!

    Jessica Ramos | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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