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Off-line error reporting

jorgemorjorgemor Posts: 3
edited June 16, 2015 9:24AM in SmartAssembly
My application is installed on a computer that does not have internet connection (and will never have) because of security reasons.
Because of this, error reports cannot be sent via internet.
Is there a way to save the error reports locally?


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    Alex BAlex B Posts: 1,146 Diamond 4
    Hi jorgemor,

    I don't believe the report is created until it is sent so the only way to do this would be to set up a custom web server for the error reporting as described here. You would need to set this up on that machine so that the reports are sent to the machine itself and wouldn't need to reach the internet.

    Having said that, you may be able to set up a custom error reporting template which would allow you to save it locally as well - see the SDK examples at
    C:Program FilesRed GateSmartAssembly 6SDKException Reporting

    Kind regards,
    Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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