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Get stuck at 'Sending files to source control server'

Hawk03Hawk03 Posts: 2
edited June 26, 2015 11:04AM in Source Control for Oracle

I've been using Source Control for Oracle (Version: for few months. I've linked it to beanstalk repositories. I've created repository for each schema, and I've connected three schema successfully three months ago.
Few days back, I wanted to add another schema, I've created projected and linked to the repository in beanstalk, and it based all the steps. However, every time I try to check in the changes, it get stuck at 'Sending file to source control server' for hours until I kill the application. No error is shown, the progress bar is at the end for more than 5 hours. This schema is much smaller than others (which did not take more than 20 minutes for first check in).

What could be the problem?


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    Thank you for your post.

    We have raised a support ticket to ask for some additional information to send to us to enable us to investigate further.

    Wendy Mitchell
    Product Support Engineer
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    I am getting the same thing on 2 of the files I am trying to sync between the database and the repository.

    Since I am new to debugging this tool, what do I need to get to support in order to try and find out whats wrong ?

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