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Exclude Database Name from Compare

JohnHJohnH Posts: 2
edited June 8, 2015 12:02PM in SQL Compare 11
Afternoon All

I was wondering if there were a way for SQL Compare to ignore database names in views. I have 2 databases to compare, one is my development db the other production. Both contain views that take data from another database, which have different names in dev and production.

As a result SQL Compare shows up a lot of views as different, when in fact they are really the same, just looking at different databases.

Dev example

SELECT MemberValue, MemberDescription
FROM PWA_Dev.dbo.[MSPLT_UserView]
WHERE (MemberDescription <> N'inactive') AND (MemberValue IS NOT NULL)

Production Example

SELECT MemberValue, MemberDescription
FROM PWA.dbo.[MSPLT_UserView]
WHERE (MemberDescription <> N'inactive') AND (MemberValue IS NOT NULL)

I'd like SQL Compare to ignore these differences if possible. If you have any thoughts please let me know.

Many thanks


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