BUG when using scalar functions called getdate

rodskerodske Posts: 4
Hey Redgate,

To enable deterministic testing using tSQLt, we replace any system calls to non-determinstic native functions like GETDATE() or GETUTCDATE() with [dbo].[getdate] user defined scalar functions (which we can then which to [test].[getdate] as part of tSQLt testing). Unfortunately it seems RG Source Control trips up on this and fails to recognise these as valid functions in the [Get Latest] tab. This means that we can't deploy using RedGate Source Control as it's usage is pretty ubiquious and with this being ignored many of our other functions fail to deploy. For user defined scalar functions named something like [dbo].[getdate2] it works fine, so I can only assume you're specifically ignoring svn files named like this. Can this bug please be registered and fixed?



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