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jkennedyjkennedy Posts: 18
I'm hoping to leverage this product on an upcoming SOD initiative. Is there an ability to automate compares? An example. We have 20 databases. Can I schedule automated change commits to occur every Friday? Can I view a consolidated report showing all changes for a particular period?


  • You could script this with sqlcompare.exe (SQL Compare's command line) and your version control tool command line.

    However, automating commits might not be considered good practice, as you would lose the audit trail of which developer made the change and why (via the check in comment).
    David Atkinson
    Product Manager
    Redgate Software
  • Hello,

    With SQL Compare command line you could script out compares you want to perform and then use some way to kick them off on a schedule. There are no built in scheduling tools to SQL Compare or SQL Source Control.
    Allen LeVan
    Red Gate Software
    US Product Support
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