Obfuscation causes false positive alarms by antiviruses

LarsRLarsR Posts: 2
edited May 27, 2015 6:23AM in SmartAssembly
We have some problems with antivirus programs at our customer sites giving false positive alarms on our obfuscated DLLs. We are pretty confident the files themselves do not contain any viruses. Our internal build process chain is AV-protected and has also been scanned using one of the AV brands giving false alarm.

The AVs causing false alarms are Avast and Webroot. I have been in contact with Avast and they seem to have fixed the problem.

Is there anything we can do in our end, like in the project setting for SA, that would make the obfuscated DLLs less likely to cause false alarms in AVs? Does anyone have any experience on this?

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