Export trims SQL queries

tinonetictinonetic Posts: 2
edited May 27, 2015 5:24AM in ANTS Performance Profiler 9

I am using the trial version of ANTS Performance Profiler and so far am really happy with the product. I have convinced my Dev Manager to budget for some licenses for our team.

I am currently profiling an application that has some inefficient implementations for its ORM (NHibernate).

I need to make a case using quantitative data(thanks ANTS Profiler!) on why we need to refactor the code.

I noticed that the profiled NHibernate queries are trimed by ANTS Profiler when you try to export them, in whatever format

There is no option/setting that I could find that would turn of trimming.

I am hoping this isnt a hard-coded feature/limit, as I need each complete query in the analysis that I have to document.

Is there a way of telling ANTS Profiler NOT to trim the queries?
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