Fail during validating database state on FILESTREAM table

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It appears that when I try to run a Red Gate SQL CI Build step in TeamCity against my database which includes FILESTREAM columns.

SQL CI seems to skip running the FILESTREAM CREATE FILEGROUP and CREATE FILE steps when validating database state. This causes the CREATE TABLE to fail because there is no FILESTREAM filegroup. If I break the connection and manually create these, I am able to execute the CREATE table.

Has anyone had success with CI on a database with FILESTREAM?

I have described the problem in more detail in this stackoverflow question


  • Hi,

    I recommend that you create a database on your server specifically for the validation step and pre-populate it with the appropriate filegroups. Then you can use it by using the /temporaryDatabaseServer and /temporaryDatabaseName command line switches. If you're using SQL authentication you'll also need /temporaryDatabaseUserName and /temporaryDatabasePassword - see here for more information.

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  • Thanks @Robert - That did the trick.

    Sorry for the late reply - spam filter migration may have swallowed the notification.
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