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Suggestions in Visual Studio / SSDT won't include new table

maccermaccer Posts: 3 New member
edited May 5, 2015 6:58AM in SQL Prompt

I've added some new tables into a database project in Visual Studio 2013, for example a table called DW.EntryHierarchy. But it doesn't appear in the suggestions list when writing code for a stored procedure in Visual Studio even though I have refreshed suggestions multiple times, updated Sql Prompt to the latest version ( and restarted Visual Studio.

I already have a table with the same name in another schema: SRS.EntryHierarchy, and it shows up in the suggestions.

I have deployed the new database tables to my local SQL Server instance, and when using SSMS 2014 and after refreshing the suggestions the new tables show up in the SQL Prompt suggestions. But still not in Visual Studio :-(
Is there something I can do?


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