File Not Found Exception

mtranmtran Posts: 34
I am using the ResultsStore object in this line of code:
foreach (Row row in differs.ResultsStore)
. VB.NET throws a FileNotFoundException for this file: RGDC-ca110e8a-fc00-4d71-9bc7-979614b85673.idx. The error highlights the line
What do I do to resolve this error?



  • It sounds like something's deleting (or rendering inaccessible) Data Compare's temporary files.

    Do you have anything running that cleans up temporary files? Are you running as local administrator with a local profile or some other kind of user, and which operating system are you using?
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  • I do not have anything running that cleans up temporary files. I am running as a local admin with local profile. Running Windows XP Prof, SP2.
  • This is where it is trying to find the file:

    'C:\Documents and Settings\mtran\Local Settings\Temp\RGDC-681d07b3-5c86-4bfd-976b-a3173e692ee0.idx'

    Thought it would help.
  • I think I found the solution. I am trying to pass the TableDifference from a method I created. From there I am trying to print the differences. I think when I dispose of the ComparisonSession before I return the TableDifference, it is deleting the temporary files.
  • Ah, yes, that would do it. Maybe we need to document the dispose methods better?
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