Out of memory exception while saving memory profiler results

I am using the API dll to write snapshots at different points in time in my .net 2.0 Win app.
One of the snapshot results show there is a lot of memory consumption, which is expected.
But while trying to save these results I am getting "System.OutOfMemoryException". I have checked there is enough disk space for me to save the results and the system has enough RAM to support the process.

Can you please help.

The version I am using is


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Thanks for your post. Unfortunately, out of memory exceptions are very possible in this version of the memory profiler. It collects object allocation information in your own process, and this is all stored in physical memory. When you take a snapshot, the problem is compounded by the fact that all of this data is buffered a second time when it is transferred to ANTS Profiler so it can be displayed.

    The only real way to prevent the problem is to reduce the time that you profile.

    There was a bug in 3.x that caused yet another copy of the results to be created in memory when saving a set of results that already appeared in the UI, but this was supposed to have been resolved in build 27.
  • I am receiving the same OME while profiling a WPF application.

    I only profiled the application for 1 minute (load the app and load a data file).

    I am using Win2k3 R2 32 Bit with 4gb of memory.

    The Redgate UI app is using 880mb of memory.

    I am in the process of exporting the data using XML, which has been running for 20 minutes now.

    What other information would you like to know?

    Joe Feser
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