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Detect Source Code Drift

athornburyathornbury Posts: 6 Bronze 2
edited May 27, 2015 11:02AM in SQL Compare 11
SQL Compare lets me know there is source code drift between the certain deployed databases and the related source control. However, SQL Compare only tells me there is drift, not exactly what has drifted. Is there any way for SQL Compare to do this? I know that another Redgate product, DLM, can do this but we don't use this product. Any ideas?


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    athornburyathornbury Posts: 6 Bronze 2
    If anyone is interested, RedGate Support assisted further on how to use SQL Compare to determine the details. In SQL Compare, point to the repository in source control for the database in question as the source and the corresponding deployed database as the target (or vice versa, the order does not matter in this context). Click on Compare Now. If Source Drift is present, an 'Error Parsing Scripts' dialog box will appear. The details cannot be copied and pasted as text, but you can take a screenshot. Alternatively, you can work through each one manually to resolve the issue.

    Thank you RedGate Support for your help!
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