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Resx resource strings in embedded dll are not localized

anders.isacsonanders.isacson Posts: 12 Bronze 2
edited April 30, 2015 4:48AM in SmartAssembly
To obtain clearer internal interfaces we moved all resource strings to a separate project compiled to a dll. This works fine before ofuscation. The strings are localized to the desired language at runtime.

When the resource strings were in the main project localization worked fine even after localization.

Now, after obfusation, the strings from the resource string dll are not localized. Their value remain texts in the default language. The resource strings in forms, which are part of the main project, are correcly translated to the selected GUI language.

We have tried instead to merge the resource string dll with the main project. 'That works fine but then the name space of dll and the names of all resource strings are visible when examining the obfuscated exe-file, using Reflector.

How should we do to hide these resource strings as well as possible but still be able to localize them?

Regards @nders
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