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Table apparently identical, but displaying as different

ThomThom Posts: 3
edited April 30, 2015 6:18PM in SQL Compare 11

I've been working through a variety of tables in two databases, correcting inconsistencies between them. All has been going fine. Now come to a table where I updated various foreign keys to correct differences. Compare is still showing them as not being identical, yet the display showing the sql script shows no differences (I've gone through it with a fine-tooth comb). I realize this isn't a lot to go on, I'd be glad to pass along further info if you define what you need.

Thank you,


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    BobGoodBobGood Posts: 18 Bronze 3
    I have a similar problem that I suspect is due to the encoding of the script used to create the object in each of the databases. (As in ASCII vs UTF-16 vs UTF-8).
    Try unchecking the ignore whitespace option in the comparison. Then re-compare to see what the differences are.
    There is a post related to encoding that resulted in Bug Report reference SC-7653.
    Bob Good
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    For anybody else who comes across this problem, in this case it was due to the databases being set to a compatibility level of SQL 2000. When I changed both to SQL 2008, the actual differences then appeared correctly in the report.

    Bob, thank you for the reply. I checked that after seeing your reply, but it wasn't the problem.

    -- Thom
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