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Not work hotkeys

ya.aya.a Posts: 7 New member
edited May 23, 2015 3:25AM in SQL Prompt
Good day!

I don't see any hotkeys. Hotkey combination don't work.
See printscreen.


  • Good day!

    Unfortunately the screenshot seems to have disappeared. Which version of SQL Prompt are you using?

    Best regards,

  • ya.aya.a Posts: 7 New member
    Iam use last version of SQLPrompt 6.
  • Would that be SQL Prompt 6.5?

    Has this happened since you have upgraded or has it just happened randomly?

    Best regards,

  • ya.aya.a Posts: 7 New member
  • ya.aya.a Posts: 7 New member
  • Hi ya.a,

    We haven't seen this before!

    Do the hotkeys work for "Script Object as ALTER" or "Select in Object Explorer"? It's interesting that the commands using the function keys work while the letter-based ones are missing.

    Can you tell me more about your environment? Are you using an English keyboard and operating system or something different?

    Best regards,

  • ya.aya.a Posts: 7 New member
    Hotkeys "Script Object as ALTER" or "Select in Object Explorer" are work.

    I am use Windows 7 x64 Professional SP1 with latest updates - Russian language

    Keyboard have 2 languages: English, Russian.

  • Aaron LAaron L Posts: 596 New member
    Hi ya.a,

    All our keyboard shortcuts are using English characters so I wonder if the problem is that they aren't on the Russian keyboard. (Script as ALTER and Select in Object Explorer both use the F12 which are present)

    What do the keyboard shortcuts look like for the built in Query commands?

    One possible thing to try would be if you follow the same steps here, but instead of having <Bindings>SQL::Ctrl+I</Bindings> use a Russian key instead?

  • ya.aya.a Posts: 7 New member
    Hi, Aaron!

    Query menu don't have some hotkeys. :( Like "Include Actual Execution Plan"!

    I think that hotkeys been reset. (not by me, by other program maybe)
    Since after the appointment of a hot key to format code, it appeared on the menu.


    Is it possible to recover all the hot keys? (not manual)
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