Failed logins indirectly cause issues on the network

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I installed the Beta when it came out but did not have much success owing to the authentication setup (we use a different service account on each server and I could not find a way to set this up). I removed the Beta but don't remember removing the repository.

I have now installed SQL Response 1 to evaluate it. It allows use of different Windows accounts per SQL Connection (I've set it up for 4 connections, 1 dev server and 3 prod servers using different logins/passwords for each server). The net result is that SQL Response appears to have indirectly brought one of our mail servers to its knees. I'm guessing here but the evidence suggests that some of the original Beta settings have been revived and are being used to attempt to connect to one of the production servers as a local Windows account. The account does not exist so the login fails and SolarWinds (which is used for network management) mails details of the failed login. Login is attempted many times per second so a humungous number of e-mails is being generated. When I stop the SQL Response Alert Repository Service the login attempts stop.

On the face of it all of the authentication I've set up is OK (Windows accounts and SQL Server logins) and all the SQL Server instances seem to be being monitored OK (ie. SQL Response is reporting for all of them).

I found the instructions in the forum for removing the Beta but it did not work for me (it could not find the service SqlResponseMonitorService).

Any assistance gratefully received.
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  • Nigel MorseNigel Morse Posts: 164 Bronze 2
    The Beta settings shouldn't be affecting the release it it just used the service account as the account to login with (and as you couldn't find the old
    service then it can't be that).

    Just to clarify - SQL Response cannot use different Windows accounts for the SQL connection, it has to be the account that is running the service. It can use different accounts for the WMI connection however. If you look in the log file in C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Red Gate\Logs\SQL Response AlertRepository then you should see the errors being generated which should help us determine what the problem is.
  • I can't find the directory you refer to on the client machine or the server hosting the repository. Which machine should I expect to find this on?
    Old Tinkers never die, they just deflate slowly over time.
  • Nigel MorseNigel Morse Posts: 164 Bronze 2
    Sorry - that will be on the alert repository machine - actually now I think about it this was changed for release so it now goes under All Users so it should be in...

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Red Gate\Logs\SQL Response Alert Repository 1
  • How do I get a log file to you? They're a bit big to paste into this forum.
    Old Tinkers never die, they just deflate slowly over time.
  • Nigel MorseNigel Morse Posts: 164 Bronze 2
    You can send it to nigel.morse @ Thanks

    EDIT: managed to type my own name wrong... :roll:
  • Nigel MorseNigel Morse Posts: 164 Bronze 2
    Sorry - I managed to type my own name wrong there :oops: Thanks for getting the logs to me.
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