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Bug: Applying dropped defaults to UDTs after they're dropped

sstephensonsstephenson Posts: 2
edited April 22, 2015 1:16PM in SQL Compare 11
We have a UDT called ConnectionUser_udt defined as varchar(64). It is used twice each in 131 tables.

We had a default on ConnectionUser_udt called ConnectionUser_df defined as SYSTEM_USER(). We dropped ConnectionUser_df.

SqlCompare correctly unbinds the dropped default on ConnectionUser_udt in all the 131 tables. Then it drops the ConnectionUser_df default as expected.

However, after it drops ConnectionUser_df, it then tries to re-bind the default it just dropped back to ConnectionUser_udt.

SqlCompare should not reapply a dropped default.
DROP DEFAULT [dbo].[ConnectionUser_df]


EXEC sp_bindefault N'[dbo].[ConnectionUser_df]', N'[dbo].[ConnectionUser_udt]', futureonly
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