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Source Control for Oracle

richardjmrichardjm Posts: 598
edited April 21, 2015 6:02AM in Source Control for Oracle
A major release of the tool adding primarily Git and Working folder support. To update use "Check for updates" off the help menu to update within the tool.

Source Control for Oracle
Note: Version 3 cannot be installed alongside Version 2 because project files are only upgraded once. Any further changes made to projects using Version 2 will not be reflected in Version 3.

Git support (although merging branches within the tool is not yet supported)
Working folder support - allows any source control system to be used with Source Control for Oracle
Advanced search on Commit, Get latest, and Lock objects tabs (eg name:department lockedby:fred)
“Select referenced objects” now considerably quicker for large schemas

OSC-288, OSC-393: Commit/Get latest tabs update properly after an attempt to automatically unlock locked objects when locking isn’t enabled on the database
OSC-494: Error and warning messages no longer display on top of each other on Commit and Get latest tabs
Commit message no longer incorrectly shows "Success!" when exceptions are generated during commit

Schema Compare Engine
OC-732: Schema population now falls back to using all_tables at all points in population if access to dba_is disallowed
OC-738: New option to generate "DROP TABLE ... PURGE" in deployment scripts
OC-740: Allow implicit conversion of DATE to TIMESTAMP types
12c support for KEEP/SESSION on sequences

OSC-398: Nested table clause moved before CACHE/PARALLEL in script generation to fix parsing issues - generated SQL files will have to be removed from source control
OC-708: Now correctly parses SET DEFINE OFF or SET SQLBLANKLINES ON in *.sql files
OC-715: MDXT_...$ tables now excluded from comparison (statistics tables generated by Oracle for spatial indexes)
OC-738: OVERFLOW clause added to index-organized tables if needed even when “Ignore storage options” is enabled
OC-747: Scripts are now always created in the format of the source when deploying to an empty scripts folder (previously 12c scripts would initially be created as 11g scripts)
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