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Data Compare: Generating a Report using Command line

ravithejaravitheja Posts: 3
edited April 23, 2015 2:45AM in SQL Compare 11

We have option /r: and /rt: for generating interactive reports using SqlCompare (Schema Comparision).
I don't see those options for DataCompare.

Is there any command line optionswitch using which I can generate interactive reports for DataCompare as we get using the interface???

A quick response and help can be much appreciated.

Ravitheja P


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    I'm afraid not. Data Compare does not have HTML reporting at all, it only has the export feature which exports comparison results to CSV format.

    There is a Uservoice request for this feature which you could add your vote to.
    Development Lead
    Redgate Software
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    Thank you Mike. :)

    It would be a lot helpful if HTML interactive reports are being added to Data Compare.

    Will vote in User voice as you suggested.

    Just out of curiosity, Would like like to know the reason "Why aren't HTML reports included for Data Compare"?
    (You already have similar templates used for SQL Compare, which can be reused with minor efforts. Any specific reason like performance or so....)
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