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Hi Red Gate,

Many-year user, first-time poster :)

I'm using the SDK (v10) in an application. It works beautifully in Visual Studio 2010 using Cassini on localhost, but when I deploy to the webserver, ComparisonSession's constructor throws this error:

"Showing a modal dialog box or form when the application is not running in UserInteractive mode is not a valid operation. Specify the ServiceNotification or DefaultDesktopOnly style to display a notification from a service application."

I am following the instructions below for licensing ASP.NET apps, using lc.exe and al.exe etc: ... stribution

I am never asked to enter my serial number anywhere. However, after generating the .license file and Licenses.Resources.dll, I can see that my serial number is embedded in the DLL. I'm copying the ApplicationName.Licenses.Resources.dll into the Bin folder of the web app, but the error persists. I must be missing something!!

1) How critical is the naming of the DLL? My dll is "Wave.Licensing.Data.Sync.Licenses.Resources.dll". The DLL that uses the SQL Compare SDK is "Wave.Licensing.Data.Sync.dll". They sit side-by-side in the bin folder.
2) Why would I not be asked for my serial number in Visual Studio, but clearly the ASP.NET runtime is being asked to show a modal dialog? I do have several other tools from SQL Toolbelt installed and licensed on my computer.
3) Do I need to add a reference to Wave.Licensing.Data.Sync.Licenses.Resources.dll? (I did but it didn't help)

Thanks very much for any guidance!


  • BTW here is a screenshot of the webserver.


    Thanks again,
  • I'm trying to use SQL Compare API in a application too. Currently I'm using the trial to make sure that this solution will work for me... Seeing that I cannot even test my code without buying the program (licensing doesn't work for trial) and that you posted this question almost a year ago without a response has made me official give up on trying to use this Redgate product.

    Redgate: You are loosing a customer because your DRM is too intrusive and you don't seem to care about responding to your customers questions.
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