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My developer colleagues are looking at SQL Test with a view to adoption in the future.

However, it seems to be the case that for a developer to “enable” a database for SQL Test, they require SQL Server SYSADMIN permission on the development server. This is against our company policy. The developers are allowed to be DBO of their databases but it seems that this is not sufficient. I'm sure the SYSADMIN restriction is fairly common at many companies so is there a way around this please?



  • Hi Ken,

    Installing the tSQLt framework on a database involves enabling CLR integration, which at the very least would require ALTER SETTINGS permission on the server. Once you've installed the framework, SQL Test seems to work regardless of if you still have the permissions. If you could get someone with the correct permissions to install the framework, then the developer should be able to use SQL test afterwards without those permissions.
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  • Thanks for the reply.
    So, we would have to go through the exercise for each new database that needs to be unit tested? Also, if the developer gets a new database refresh from production, the tSQL framework would need to be reinstalled by someone with permissions?
  • Yes, that's correct.
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