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Bug: Unselected view deployed

adamjonesadamjones Posts: 5
edited April 17, 2015 6:35AM in SQL Compare 11

When doing a deployment I've come across an issue:

Comparing 2 databases:
A change to a view (amongst other things) is listed.
Deselect the view from the list of objects to be applied.
Go to deployment wizard
> Create Deployment Script
> Review Dependencies - Check deploy all dependencies - The changed view appears in this list due to other changes (and there's no way to deselect it)
> Review Deployment Script

Result: The deployment script contains an Alter View statement that applies the changed version of the view
Expected result: The deployment script contains a sp_refreshview statement for the view


I think the current functionality is off as it deploys a change that the user has specificity requested not be applied.

Other than hand editing the deployment script is there any way to avoid these unwanted changes being deployed?


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    Unfortunately the 'deploy all dependencies' is an all-or-nothing option. Your workaround here is to select all the objects you want to deploy from the main comparison list, and then not to check the 'deploy all dependencies' box.

    We do have longer-term plans to make the dependency system more flexible, so we'd really value your feedback on how you'd like it to work for your situation, with as much detail about your use-case as possible. When we start work on revising dependencies, we'll be looking for customers to have more in-depth discussions with, so if you'd be interested in participating, please PM me your contact details.
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    Thanks for the response Mike.

    I don't have a real problem with the view appearing in the dependencies list. What bothers me is that rather than the existing view being refreshed to take a account of changes to objects that it depends on the modified view from the source database is applied despite it being unselected for deployment.

    I my scenario I've modified an index on a table that the view uses which results in the dependency, but I don't want to deploy the view change (yet).

    I find it a little dangerous that once I've unselected specifically the changes that I don't want to apply unless I'm very careful I run the risk of applying the changes regardless.

    In short the 'deploy all dependencies' should be benign.
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