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Menu Persistence

mscheafmscheaf Posts: 6
edited April 14, 2015 10:04AM in SQL Search
SQl Search toolbar is always in top left with SQL Search and Add-Ins button. Any changes I make are lost on the next SSMS restart and it appears in the top left with those two buttons again. I have seen threads for years now about this problem and I just can't believe that Redgate REFUSES to fix something so simple. Something that literally every other add on maker in the known universe has figured out how to do over a decade ago. I haven't used your products for years because of this but figured I would give it a try, I mean it's 2015, surely they have figured out the toolbar system by now. But no! Are you kidding me? So is there even a workaround for this yet or do I just uninstall it and go back to one of the endless competitors with working toolbars?


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    You know, I just don't care. Between the non customizable immovable toolbar and the "This will only happen once" message that I see 500 times a day, I just uninstalled and am done with your garbage products. Thanks for nothing redgate
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