Single Table comparison using SDK

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edited March 27, 2015 5:07PM in SQL Comparison SDK 11

I would like to compare a single table using SDK and export the results to excel/PDF etc. The results should be in different files like - SourceTargetMacthingRecords.xls, SourceTargetMismatchRecord.xls etc.. I tried to go through the sample code, but it compares the entire database tables and loop through each of them (see below) and it takes long time. Is there a way I can only do compare on a single table and export the results based on match/mismatch on different files.

// Create the mappings between the two databases
TableMappings mappings = new TableMappings();
mappings.CreateMappings(db1.Tables, db2.Tables);

session.CompareDatabases(db1, db2, mappings);
foreach (TableMapping mapping in mappings)

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