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So Close but yet so far from being useful

matthewmarkmatthewmark Posts: 6
edited October 5, 2008 10:22AM in SQL Dependency Tracker
I love the ease of seeing dependencies. However, as a sql tool, it's amazing that the facility to export the object names back into a sql server table to use for processing is not available.

Options are:
Export as pdf. Nice for managment not for developers.

Export as xml file sounds good, but sql server 2005 doesn't have an option to import xml files other than oledb. I suppose I could hunt around for a tool to import from the xml file, but why. THIS IS A SQL SERVER TOOL AND SHOULD BE SQL SERVER-FRIENDLY.

I need to get the list into a table so I can write a script to drop these objects that no longer are needed.

And, the sort capability is disabled under the dependencies. That isn't very useful either.

I'm sure this functionality must exist. I'm not a genius and I can see the need on first use!! :)

Can anyone help?
Matthew Mark
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