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Creating Deployment Scripts in SQL Compare 10 Format

utils85utils85 Posts: 2
edited March 11, 2015 3:20PM in SQL Compare 11
So we have been using SQL Compare for some time, we generate update scripts using SQL Compare that are then used by an installer package. This installer package was written to manipulate this script in a few places, and then executes the script. The installer package was written to work with the format of deployment script that is generated by SQL Compare 10. So when someone generates a deployment script using SQL Compare 11 (we have licenses for both and while most of the team uses SQL Compare 10 we want to transition to 11), the outputted file is incompatible with our installer. We could change the installer, and that may be the route we go ultimately. But short term I was wondering is there anyway to make SQL Compare 11 output deployment scripts that are exactly the same format as SQL Compare 10? I know there are a lot of script settings and I've tried playing around with them extensively but if this is something that's configurable in the application I've frankly not been able to figure it out.

So is this something we can make work in SQL Compare 11? Or are the deployment scripts simply not configurable to that level?


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    Is there a specific part of the deployment script formatting that you're having trouble with? There isn't a general behave-like-Compare-10 option, but it might be possible to work around the problem.
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