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Configurations for TFS changeset

DBAfan2015DBAfan2015 Posts: 3 New member
Is it possible to have an automated script that will pull all objects from TFS, compare to the target database and for certain objects specify in a configuration file that you want changeset xxx? The scenario is one in which there are multiple versions of the app/db and an out of order deployment timeline where changeset 3 needs to be deployed for example and not the latest changeset 4.


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    The best way to do this work would be with SQL Compare/Data Compare. In the GUI version create your project file pointing at your TFS repository. Then save that project and use it in the command line interface (CLI) for SQL Compare/Data Compare. This will allow you to script it out and automate this workflow. From this point you can setup as many of these as you need for your environments and change sets.
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