Old Migration scripts showing as Uncommitted

steven Evanssteven Evans Posts: 11 Bronze 2
After an update to a number of old Migration scripts are showing as uncommitted. I have tried undo changes but the scripts remain as uncommitted. Can anyone help solve this. I am contenting to TFS 2013


Steven Evans


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    steven Evanssteven Evans Posts: 11 Bronze 2
    I think I have found the issue. The .migrationScript file for the "uncommitted" scripts is missing a <Description> tag.
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    I also just had the same problem and found this thread. The issue is in fact that I upgraded my local SSC to 3.8 and we have some scripts with no comments. Steps to reproduce:

    1) Upgrade to SSC 3.8
    2) Go to Commit Changes tab on a database that has some migration scripts with no comments.
    3) SSC prompts you to commit but shows no changes in the compare window.
    4) Try to commit.
    5) Error - Nothing To Commit.

    Here's how to easily resolve. I was unable to add a comment in the SSC UI using Edit Scripts on old scripts, so:

    1) In your local svn working folder, find the .migrationScript files in question (your main checkout folder, not the working base folders that SSC makes in your user profile).
    2) In a text editor amend the files as follows. Replace:
        &lt;Description&gt;Dummy retroactive comment to handle SSC 3.8 bug.&lt;/Description&gt;
    3) Commit using TortoiseSVN if you use that, or just the svn client.
    4) Go back to SSMS / SSC and refresh the Commit Changes tab.
    5) You shouldn't see any changes. Voila!
    6) Yell at developers for committing scripts with no comments!
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