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How to Change Startup folder

sbowman@ajla.netsbowman@ajla.net Posts: 6
edited March 5, 2015 5:29PM in SQL Compare 11
Does anyone know how to change the directory to begin looking for projects in?
We store our projects (.scp .sdc files) in a network folder so they can be shared amongst developers.
When we start up SQL Compare or SQL Data Compare, the Projects screen, Look in: dropdown lists a
local workstation directory. It seems a pretty basic functionality, to control the "look in" location.



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    Hi there

    If I'm understanding you correctly, there's a little browse button to the right of the dropdown (labelled [...]) that lets you change the folder to look in. Does this do what you want?
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    Thanks for the timely reply. The browse button does indeed allow me to get to the end result. Manually, that is. What I am asking about is to be able to store the location that I would navigate to in a similar fashion as what you would see on the Tools, Application Options screen under the filter folder or default folder text boxes.

    In other words, I would like to be able to set the folder that Look in starts at just one time, rather than having to navigate and traverse network directories every single time I open a Redgate product.

    Thanks again!
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    Ah, I see. I think the dropdown is supposed to remember previous folders that you've visited, but it looks like it might remove items from the most-recently-used list if it doesn't think the folders are invalid or don't exist - maybe the network directories are confusing it.
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    Anyway, I think it would be super cool if we had a textbox where we could override it's starting point. For our agency(...and I suspect for a large chunk of the world...) it needs to be pointable to a shared location. Thanks!
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