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SQL Release

edited March 4, 2015 11:41AM in DLM Automation
After gathering feedback from our Beta users, we have decided to make a breaking API change to SQL Release to help make it easier to understand what each cmdlet does. The latest version of SQL Release ( has renamed the cmdlets and some of their parameters. Unfortunately this means that any existing scripts won’t work with the new version and will have to be updated. We have changed:
    New-DatabaseUpdate -AfterUpdate <value> -BeforeUpdate <value>
    replace with:
    New-DatabaseRelease -Source <value> -Target <value>

    Export-DatabaseUpdate -Path <value>
    replace with:
    Export-DatabaseRelease -Path <value>

    Import-DatabaseUpdate -Path <value>
    replace with:
    Import-DatabaseRelease -Path <value>

    Publish-DatabaseUpdate -Target <value>
    replace with:
    Use-DatabaseRelease -DeployTo <value>

    If you have any questions or would like help updating your scripts please get in touch here or via e-mail DLMAutomationSupport@red-gate.com.
    Andrew Fraser

    Test Engineer
    Redgate Software Ltd.
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