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RECEIVE doesn't format like SELECT

PDinCAPDinCA Posts: 642 Silver 1
edited March 3, 2015 10:18AM in SQL Prompt
As SQL Prompt gives us very flexible control over our formatting of SELECT statements, as in comma position, indentation, etc., I was sadly surprised to see that the "equivalent" for Service Broker in the form of the RECEIVE verb, didn't get the love...
                  @handle = conversation_handle,
                  @messageType = message_type_name,
                  @messageBody = message_body
                  FROM [target_queue]), TIMEOUT 1000;
Expected something like:
                     @handle      = conversation_handle
                   , @messageType = message_type_name
                   , @messageBody = message_body
                FROM [target_queue]
           ), TIMEOUT 1000;
Any chance RECEIVE can be on par with SELECT, please?
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    Hi PDinCA,

    We are working on a new formatting system at the moment and are working out which features need to be added in through this survey. I've added your request in there, but if you have any other formatting-based suggestions, we'd be very grateful if you could add them in there, to keep them in one place.

    Best regards,

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