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No Migrations Folder Setup Link?

Under what conditions are SQL SC users not able to select a Migrations Folder?

We have a user who is using SSMS 2008 and even after setting up a dedicated database, he cannot access our migration scripts repo. The context menu option is grayed out and there isnt a "Setup link" option available to him under the Setup folder.


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    Hi Elliot, thanks for your post.

    Users can only select a migrations folder if they are linked to an SVN, TFS or Vault repository. What VCS are you and your colleague using?

    Alternatively, is it possible your colleague has turned on the Migrations v2 beta functionality? That looks and behaves rather differently, including the changes you've described. More information on the migrations v2 beta can be found here: http://documentation.red-gate.com/displ ... ts+V2+beta
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