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How to handle changes on both sides of the comparison

KouryouChairudo@WorkKouryouChairudo@Work Posts: 3 Bronze 2
edited March 4, 2015 1:56PM in SQL Compare 11

I was wondering if there is a way to handle changes in a stored procedure on both sides ("left" and "right").

For example, somebody added a field in a table on the "right" database and added that field in the SELECT list of the stored procedure. Another developer added a WHERE clause in the same stored procedure but in the "left"-database. I would now like to compare both databases and synch them. It would be nice to have the one change available without loosing the other change.

In Visual Studio you have the conflicting changes where you can highlight what needs to be merged. I believe this is not possible in SQLCompare or maybe I missed it. If it exists it would be nice if someone could explain it. If it is not, I'm sure it would be a nice feature ;)

Thx in advance for any response


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    SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare are meant for deployments to match up a target with a source. So with this terminology (source and target) you would not merge differences, you would deploy from source and remove from target to bring both to the same Schema/Data.

    If you are in a situation where Dev A is working on one copy and Dev B is working on another copy of a database and you may need to merge both changes together that is source controlling your database. Our product SQL Source Control can handle that and has options to merge two changes made by separate developers like the example you describe.
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