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Error when trying to install repository

dboylettdboylett Posts: 2
edited October 6, 2008 9:10AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions

Trying to install a local repository on my machine (Win XP Sp3). The installer runs through the initial steps then asks me for the account to use to run the service.

At this point, no matter what account I enter, an error is raised saying that the account specified either is not an admin or has incorrect details.

I have tried two accounts, both admins and in one case, a domain admin - so the message seems to be wrong.

My colleague, running Vista has the same problem - again with local and domain administration accounts.

As an aside, why ask for a specific account and not give the option to use the system account? For anywhere that has a rule to change a password every x many days, this is likely to cause extra administration work.


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    Hi there,
    The account that you are specifying is the Windows Account that the Alert Repository Service runs under. Once installed you can change the Account details in the normal way for all other services.
    We verify that the user credentials you give have admin rights. (If running on Win2K I think that we only validate that the username/password is valid.) So it sounds like you are doing the right thing. What I would ask you to do is to log the output of the installation and send me the details. If you run the installer via the SQL Response UI, you should be able to easily get hold of the log. If you are running the MSI directly then please go to a DOS prompt and run the following command

    C:\Program Files\Red Gate\SQL Response 1>msiexec -I "SQL Response Alert Repository.msi" -l*v install.log

    After it has finished/failed then please send me the log file to david.connell at red-gate.com

    Regarding the log file, please note that the passwords are set to hidden so I will not be able see that sort of sensitive data. If you are concerned please read the log file first and anonomize the data, please leave some markers in the file so that I can understand what you have removed.

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