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Hello Community,

Simple question here. I am looking to build an WinRT application, and have been digging into the Windows assemblies provided with a Windows 8.1 application. Unfortunately it appears code that is compiled into these assemblies is COM-based and Reflector does not load them.

So basically, I am looking for guidance here. If I want to see how a control works in this assembly (in this case, the Hub control), what is the best way of doing this?

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  • If you get the message that ",assembly name> is not a .Net module" there's nothing reflector can do to read the data. You'd need an unmanaged disassembler for that.

    If you don't get that message but you can't see code, you can switch Reflector to attempting to read the IL of the assembly (there's a language drop down at the top).

    Hope that helps.
  • Ah... that is what I was afraid of... and WinRT is supposed to be "better" ... what a joke. :P Thanks for verifying my suspicion.
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