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Source Control for Oracle

richardjmrichardjm Posts: 598
edited February 19, 2015 8:54AM in Source Control for Oracle
A minor release fixing a many severe issues. "Check for updates" off the help menu to update within the tool.

Please note that the next release with Git support will be v3 of Source Control for Oracle. To make sure you are entitled to get it for free please ensure your "Support & upgrades" are up-to-date http://www.red-gate.com/Dynamic/account/Serials

If you're already on the Git beta please don't update to this as this is a stable release that doesn't have git support
  • Speed of UI is now much quicker on all source control tabs when dealing with many thousands of objects
  • Number of objects selected is now correct (OSC-450)
  • Possible fix for ObjectDisposedException during population (OC-699)
  • Grants no longer occassionally created before object creation (OC-615)
  • Grants now scripted with new sequences (OC-735)
  • Index organised tables with overflow segments now includes basic OVERFLOW in script even when storage options turned off (OC-736)
  • Oracle version now identified correctly after issues with DBMS_UTILITY.DB_VERSION and instant client 12_1_0_2_0 returning truncated strings (OC-725, ODC-303, OSC-468)
  • Passwords with special characters now escaped correctly (OSC-461)
Richard Mitchell
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