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SQL Prompt 6.5 beta (Now closed)



  • Hi John,

    Thanks again for reporting these issues! This should be fixed in the latest version.

    Please do let us know if you find anything else.

    Best regards,

  • jsreynolds1jsreynolds1 Posts: 76 Silver 1

    I can confirm that the fix works in the latest beta for the merge stanza issue.


  • tkrussy wrote:
    When trying to run the command CTRL + B, CTRL + E to Encapsulate as New Stored Procedure in SSMS 2014, and SQL Prompt Build, I receive the error "The key combination (Ctrl+B, Ctrl+E) is bound to command (RedGate.SQLPrompt.SSMSUI.Connect2011.EncapsulateSP) which is not currently available."

    Has this feature been removed from SQL Prompt?

    If you have an entire script and try to use the feature it doesn't work, it does work if you have selected the entire script CTRL+ A before you run the CTRL+B, CTRL+E.

    Maybe this has always been this way?
  • Hi tkrussy,

    You're right. If you don't have a selection, Encapsulate as Stored Procedure doesn't work. We'll make it so that if you don't have a selection, it uses the whole script. We'll aim to have this out shortly.

    Best regards,

  • Hi

    In the previous version of SQL Prompt if the column name appeared in more than one table in your query the popup would have the table alias to the right. So for example if I have the following code:
    CREATE TABLE #test
    	Fname VARCHAR(50),
    	Lname VARCHAR(50)
    SELECT * 
    FROM #test t
    	INNER JOIN #test AS t2
    		ON t2.Fname = t.Fname
    		AND lnam

    the popup will show LName twice - but with no alias to the right.

    Hopefully that makes sense. Let me know if not!


  • Hi Matt,

    We're not sure we're seeing the same behaviour here. Is this the list of suggestions you're seeing but without the 't' and 't2' in grey on the right?


    Just to confirm, are you running the latest version of the beta?

    Best regards,

  • Hi tkrussy,

    Encapsulate as New Stored Procedure should now work with empty selections in the latest version of the SQL Prompt beta.

    Let us know if you find any more issues!

    Best regards,

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