"Input string wnot in a correct format" error with Oracle12c

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Set up two databases in a local instance of Oracle12c. Opened SQL Compare for Oracle 3, selected manual connection, connected as SYSDBA, test connection went fine for each database. I selected a schema at random (same schema for both databases), hit compare, and immediately got an 'Aborting' popup with error "Input string was not in a correct format."


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    Did you send in an error report? We do generally work on 12c databases so it'd be interesting to get more information on why this could have failed in your case.

    We do know of a recent issue when we attempt to retrieve the Oracle version the string we receive is truncated, this could be the error you're seeing.

    If you contact support@red-gate.com they should be able to provide you with a BugFix build of the tool to see if that helps. We're aiming to get this as the next public release maybe as soon as this week.
    Richard Mitchell
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    Red Gate Software Ltd
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